Wellness Center

The Wellness Center in the Tower incorporates the same guidelines and standards of excellence that have helped to make WK Fitness & Wellness Centers a premier location for adult health and wellness. In addition to its location in the luxurious setting of the Tower, the Wellness Center has two key differences: (1) Keiser exercise equipment and (2) specially- trained exercise specialists. 

Keiser exercise equipment is the preferred choice for older adults. Its unique pneumatic system makes it extremely safe and effective for older adults. You’ll be glad to know that there are no heavy plates or pins to move. The increase or decrease of resistance is accomplished by a simple push of a button on the handrail. 

The motivation and guidance of certified fitness instructors at the Wellness Center in the Tower are truly valuable. With special training in exercise for older adults, they will help you develop a routine that addresses your needs. The Wellness Center also offers a variety of specialized classes like yoga and salsa dance. Don’t see what you want? Just ask! This is just one more thing to love about your life at The Oaks.