The Oaks of Louisiana has a new Parking and Traffic Enforcement Program going into effect Jan. 1, 2021. The new system is comparable to that of most colleges, universities, larger hospitals and some metropolitan cities’ enforcement systems. It is designed to coincide with The Oaks' current Parking and Traffic Regulations policy, ADM26, which can also be found on this website. Please *review and understand this policy as it will serve as *notice to all regarding The Oaks' Enforcement Program. Individuals wishing to request registration of their vehicle may do so by creating an account at this web address:  https://ticketrak.wkhs.com/.

The safety and security of all residents, guests and employees is our No.1 priority. This program helps security officers achieve this through enforcement of Parking and Traffic Regulations and issuing tickets for unsafe or illegally parked vehicles. These citations come with a monetary fine, which increases with any new citations and/or any late payments to previous ones. Also, any ignored ticket will significantly increase in the amount due as well as result in the vehicle being denied access to the property at 30 days. To clear a vehicle a scheduled meeting with The Oaks of Louisiana Security Supervisor and a member of Administration will be required and the fine paid in full.

There is ample designated parking for those who live, visit, and work throughout The Oaks of Louisiana.  Parking is however restricted and designated by vehicle registration; i.e. resident, guest/family member, or employee. With the cooperation of all drivers, and by instituting the new Parking and Traffic Enforcement Program,  we will meet our No. 1 goal of maintaining safety for all. 

We welcome your participation with enforcement by reporting any safety violations you see by calling (318) 212-2101. 

Thank you in advance.

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