Life at The Oaks

From the moment you drive onto the campus of The Oaks of Louisiana, you sense that this is a neighborhood you’ll be proud to call “home.” The pastoral setting with majestic oak trees, manicured lawns and gardens, lakes and trails hints that this is a place designed for people who enjoy the good life. You are first greeted by a security guard (on duty 24/7) who will welcome you and guide you to your destination.

The Clubhouse and Chapel at the center of the community welcome you as you view the expanse of buildings, a blend of new construction and the totally renovated original buildings. As you drive into the campus, you’ll be cautioned to watch for the geese who share the property with residents. Don’t be surprised if a resident walking her dog waves to you. This is a friendly community!

When you arrive at one of our residential buildings, you’ll be greeted by staff who are eager to assist you, maybe even a resident who wants to meet a potential neighbor. You’ll see tasteful décor of the common areas that is just as appealing as the people. 

There is much to appreciate about life at The Oak. Visit us and you’ll understand why residents live here and love it.