Painting is Beneficial to Senior Adults

January 06, 2023


Those who enjoy painting or participating in any creative endeavor know how therapeutic it can be. Creativity helps improve our physical, mental and psychological well-being. This is especially true for senior adults. Did you know painting has the following benefits for seniors? (And, it doesn’t matter one’s skill level.)

Improves mental health and mood

Painting classes encourage socialization and communication and allow senior adults to use their social skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Many have begun to struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness because of loss of loved ones and friends, so a group setting gives them opportunities to make new friends and stay engaged. Painting also is relaxing and helps seniors take their mind off other concerns while concentrating on their subject matter, which decreases stress. Painting stimulates the senses, boosts mood and triggers positive memories.

Increases motor skills and coordination

Physical health is also impacted by painting. Motor skills and dexterity can decline as a person ages, so painting can keep these skills sharp. Holding a brush while keeping hands steady in the process involves hand-eye coordination and helps seniors strengthen fine motor skills.

Helps cognitive function

Research shows people with creative outlets like painting have a lower chance of developing memory loss illness and other cognitive issues. Painting flexes your creative muscle, which enhances brain function and provides intellectual stimulation. It requires concentration and sharpens the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. And, it works both brain hemispheres – the left (analytical) and the right (creative).