University at The Oaks: “Under Siege: Pandemics & Epidemics”

Monday - September 27, 2021
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Tower at The Oaks - Ballroom

The Oaks of Louisiana’s University at The Oaks returns with noted local historians Gary Joiner, PhD, and Cheryl White, PhD, presenting a timely and informative series on pandemics and epidemics. The four-part series includes:

  • Sept. 20: “Yellow Fever Epidemic” with Gary Joiner
  • Sept. 27: “SARS and COVID” with Cheryl White
  • Oct. 4: “1918 Flu Pandemic” with Gary Joiner
  • Oct. 11: “Yellow Fever and Five Priests Who Died” with Cheryl White

Seating is limited and masks are required.

Nonresidents must register at